How clean do I need to be to build my PC?

I have built maybe 5 or so PCs over the past 10 years, but it has been a while since I have built a PC from scratch. I was wondering, how clean do my hands need to be when building a PC? I was specifically concerned about the following things:

- if I have residue from, say, sticky tape, and then build my PC, would this cause issues?
- what if I have some food particles fall in the PC during the build (say they fall in from my clothing or something)?

My plan is to just give my hands a quick wash with soap & water before starting, and then ground myself using an ESD wrist strap. Is this enough? Any other precautions I should take?

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    Unless you are digging ditch or entering an eating contest, you should be fine. If you're comfortable enough to shake hands with someone, you should be fine. Done maybe 200 builds ... never used a wrist strap. Stay off carpet or cloth surfaces that create static.
  2. dust can make your system over heat and heat is enemy Hardware

    hope this can help you :
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