PC Upgrade..Worth it?

I currently have:

Biostar AM3/AM2+
DDR3 AMD 770
AMD Phenom X3 8550 2.2GHz
Corsair VX450
OCZ Gold 2GB DDR3 RAM PC3-8500
Diablotek Radeon HD 4830 512MB DDR3

Its beginning to feel mediocre and I would like to replace a few things. I was thinking of:




I already bought an Athlon x3 450 and I would like to reuse my HD 4830 until I can afford something Significantly Better

My budget is $250 as I do not live in the US
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    Err u do realise that the change from DDR2 - DDR3 nets nil to little gains right? In your shoes

    Update BIOS and ok Rana 450 was a good buy
    Corsair VX450 is an awesome PSU still for single GPU set ups so i would have just saved and hit a GTX 460/HD 6850?
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  3. thank you
  4. Yep glad to help and u are welcomed ^^
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