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I am putting in my msi n460 gtx video card . When i booted up the system the red light come on that said my video card isnt working . On this card there are two 6 pin power hook ups , what i need to know is do I hook up both 6 pin hook ups to the power unit ?
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  1. Yes. If it has two 6 pin power hook ups, it would be wise to plug them both in. Also for the 460, you do need quite a bit of power. How many watts is your PSU?
  2. There generally are one or two 6pin (6+2pin) plugs coming out of the power supply. You MUST plug these in in order to power the GTX 460. The graphics card usually comes with adapters if you do not have 2 6pin plugs, so you can hook those up if you need to.
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