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Hey everyone, I have a Dell 8300 computer (old, I know) and after doing plenty of research on how to upgrade my graphics card I decided that buying a XFX Radeon HD 4650 would be a good choice because of it's price and ive researched many forums where people have this card on the same computer I have, so I assumed it would be compatible. I just got it today in the mail and it doesn't fit into any of the slots for graphics cards. I was wondering if maybe I was doing something wrong here, because I'm about 99% sure that this graphics card should be compatible.

By the way, here's a link to my motherboard:
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  1. Did you get the AGP or PCI-E version of that card? The picture you linked to isnt loading but the other pictures i can find only show PCI and an AGP slots on that motherboard.
  2. I have the PCI version and I just realized that the one I need is the AGP version. I also have another question if you don't mind, what graphics card would you recommend for my Dell 8300? Or should I just just stick with getting an AGP XFX Radeon HD 4650?
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    What is the size of your power supply?

    Specs say either 250w or 305w both of which are very small for running even a basic graphics card. The recommended size for the 4650 is 400w, although you could probably squeeze by with a little less but even the 305w might not be large enough, definitely not the 250w. The 4650 also requires a 6 pin power connector. Do you have one of those coming off the PSU?

    For general guidance on selecting a video card, you might want to review

    What card were you running before?
  4. My current installed graphics card is an nvidia 6600 (NOT GT version) which isn't cutting it for me, I like to play older games made in the last five years, I play new games on my xbox 360. As for my power supply, mine is about 200 and something (can't remember off the top of my head) but I know that the Radeon requires at least 400, and I plan on getting one of that power tomorrow. And as the the PSU cable, it only has 4.
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