My toshiba laptop doesn't pass bios

My toshiba laptop doesn't pass bios, it stays on the page page from where i can enter setup and boot menu, but when i press f2 or f12 it doesn't do nothing, i really need some help, it has never heppened to me, i tryied removing the battery and ac and leave them for a while, but it doesn't pass that screen at all. model is l300 - 25h system unit
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  1. 1 Disconnect the battery and the charger
    2 Let it sit for 1-2 minutes.
    3 Press and hold down the power button for 30 seconds.
    4 Reconnect battery and charger and try to start by pressing the power button.

    Failing that remove cd, hdd and memory and add them back in reverse order.
  2. i will try today and let you know if it worked or not . thx
  3. After i tried that , at first the screen wouldn't start and the hdd light was blinking, i removed the memory and putted it back in and it started without passing bios screen at all, and hdd light blinks for likr three times and than a really short blink and stops. any other advice ?
  4. how high off the ground r u? throw it out of a 23rd floor building
  5. good advice :( i have another two laptops, but it's about fixing it, not throwing it away.
  6. yeah i know what you mean, it sounds like possible hardware that is causing it to lock up. sorry, have you tried booting it withot the hard drive see if it gets past the bios screen
  7. i will try mate and leet you know, cheers !
  8. It didn't mate, the issue is that is doesn't enter bios at all, just keeps me on the startup screen ferever. And i am sure it is just a small time hardware error cause the whole thing camed up after i uninstaled some kind of windows tool that was instaled from the internet by a friend of mine.
  9. hmmmm, i am not sure on this one then, yeah it must be some kind of hardware prob or a corrupt bios. If you have pretty much messed around with different hardware and tryin to get it in bios then im out of options.

    Have you reset the cmos? this will clear the bios. give that a go, usually a battery inside on the motherboard that you just take out for a min or so then replace.
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