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Today when i turned on my system, and opened up Crysis, my hardware started to make an odd hissing sound. I recently changed out my graphics card for the new MSI Twin Frozr 2 GTX 560 TI. It has been installed for about a week though . . . why would it start hissing now? I have a brand new PSU, the Antec Earthwatts (80 Plus) 650 watt Power Supply. Any Ideas?
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  1. Does it do that every time? Sometimes tags and cables run on GPU and case fans and make weird noises.
  2. Most "hissing" or "Buzzing" sound is from the coils on the video card it self. The vibrate at different frequencies with different load.

    This does not hurt performance or stability of the card it self.

    Coils in the power supply, on the video cards voltage regulation system as well as the cpu regulation system can have this issue(honestly hit and miss with this).

    It is generally safe, but annoying.

    I noticed this after switching from an Antec Sonata case to a Antec 900. The Sonata held the sound in, but the 900 lets all the sound out.

    You may be able to RMA over this issue, but the sound may sound like it is coming from both the video card and psu together in some cases.
  3. Huh, thanks for the quick replies. This makes sense. The performance is just as good as it was before. Yes, it does happen every time, but is only really noticeable in Crysis.
  4. My old 8800GTX could be heard clear across the room when playing of all things City of Heroes. Yet only when adding items in the super group base. Ahh technology.

    My X1900XT had it too, just not as bad. Last off, i have seen it on several motherboards. K8V SE, X58A UD5(there is a work around for this board tho) and 770T USB3(its not too bad on this one, if you have stock cooling you will not hear it).

    Ran a PSU for years that buzzed when it was not loaded enough(games actually fixed it).
  5. A computer hissing is normally the power supply although it can also be the graphics card and in rare cases the motherboard. The hissing is caused by the movement of the wires in inductors or chokes and is not harmful and can be ignored.
    If it is the graphics card that is hissing sometimes simply moving the inductor can affect a cure.
  6. Hey,
    The noise has gotten a little worse? I can hear it when I move my mouse . . . It kinda sounds like my hard drive, but it didn't start making these noises until I through in the 560 TI? Its most noticeable in the Crysis menus (not in game), and I am not sure why. Perhaps it makes those sounds when at a high frame rate. Perhaps I should try forcing vsync O.o

    Edit: That did work, for the menu squeal. I think the other sound must be coming from my hard drive D:
  7. Whoa! Look for bulged capacitors! Google bulged capacitors to see what I'm talking about. You can save your hardware by changing out your bulged caps if you act fast. But this mostly plagued old P4 mobos, I'd kinda be surprised if they were still pumping out bad caps. Anyways, bulged capacitors can make your coils hiss, which is bad.
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