Cheap and effective CPU cooler?

I'm having trouble looking for a decent, but affordable cooler. Could anyone suggest one under £30? Thank you :)
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  1. Coolermaster hyper 212+, best cooler around for the money.
  2. Thanks. My only worry is fitting it in my coolermaster 310..
  3. I think its 159mm tall. It fits most mid towers ok as long as there isn't a side fan.
  4. Fan is removable, and according to this guy
    you may need to remove it to fit the 212, no big problem though,
  5. cheers guys :)

    CM212+ £19.99

    if its too tall, then get the ..

    Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 £18.98

    Price inc vat but exclude delivery.
  7. Zalman CNPS10X Performa Ultra-Quiet CPU Cooler (152mm tall) - £22.67 Inc VAT
  8. Note that on a motherboard with 4 memory slots, you may loose the use of the one closest to cpu.
  9. The Scythe Mugen 2 beats the Noctua DH-14 by 1C and the Hyper 212 by 7C
  10. video up against the dh14 normal text/pics review
    Slightly better and slightly smaller than DH14,
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