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ASUS P867 Boot issues

Ok so new system build been having this problem for past several days, starting to get aggravating.

here is the build
ASUS P867 pro MB
8G ram corsar vengeance
XFX6970 2G
850W ocz
120G Corsar sata 3 SSD
500G HD

problem, when I start the PC for the 1st time (cold boot) it turns on and then does a shut down 1-2 time before starting up normaly. When it does start up it does a single beep, this was said to be (in MB manual,
VGA detected
Quck boot set to disabled
no keyboard detected. (the keyboard is detected as far as i can tell even when in bios)

why does it do this? I Read somewhere that the restarts have to do with the Cold boot and the memory??? How can i Fix this (is this a DOA board should i get a replacement?)

Also the MB every 5-8 time being started up fails to OC the CPU, the stander Intell 3.3-3.7 clock (have not done any OC yet, not at that lvl yet.)

plz help thanks
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    This happens to all p67 boards. To correct it, just manually set your BLCK to "100" in bios. That should fix the double boot.


    Using the auto overclocking software will almost always set the BLCK to a number higher than 100. The advisable route is to manually OC your cpu in bios and ditch t he auto software (even uninstalling it totally).

    A good place to start learning how to manually OC using an Asus board is here:

    Hope that this helps you out. :)
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  3. thanks
  4. You are perfectly welcome :)
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