This or that?! Help me choose. =]

i am looking at the two following cards. i can not decide which i want. it took long enough to narrow it down to these hehe. so im hoping you guys can maybe weigh in and gimme your two cents. all help will be greedily appreciated. :D

im running a phenomII x4 @3.5GHz, 4 GB of DDR3-1600 ram, asrock m3a770de mobo, 22" monitor/1680x1050 res, and windows vista 32bit. which of the following cards would you think would work better, or is just better in general, for this setup. (upgrading to win7 64bit soon, to use full 4GH ram)


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  1. Neither. I recommend the EVGA GTX 460 superclocked for $190 after rebate.

    The GTX and HD 6850 are approximately equal but I prefer the GTX with Cuda as I think more applications will be taking advantage of all it has to offer. However if you contemplate going to 3 monitors at some point, then the HD 6850 would be the winner.
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