I want to max out my motherboard

Hello, I'm William

I have a Elitegroup P965T-A V1.0B motherboard and I want to max out the D G E on the board so how do I setup the D G E on the motherboard and can you tell me step by step please?
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  1. Are you looking for a PCI-E Graphic card?
  2. yes I am one that can work on my motherboard I want to do 3d video, hdmi and 1 or 2g memory on the motherboard and 8g memory, max out the cpu, cheap 1t sata hard drive with a 64 buffer and a good 1000w power supply with alot of sata cables and 24x dvd burners that are sata with a burner program with it and I want to get this all at a cheap price.
  3. ...and what do you consider a cheap price? Have you looked at Newegg.com to see what prices are like for the kind of components you want? You can't have it cheaper than the going price, you have to be realistic.
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