Help, burning smell coming from power supply unit

hi, long time lurker first time poster,

So, I recently upgraded my graphic card on my relatively new Dell XPS whose PSU only matches the minimum requirement mentioned by the card's manufacture and, after a few hours of none-continuous gaming (crysis/crysis 2 max-out at 1080p... not a very good move apparently), I started realizing that a hot burning air was coming out of my psu's exhaust. At first, the smell only remained while I'm running the games but since today, there seems to be a small lingering odor that persists even when the PSU is running cold. The smell isn't very noticeable (I can only smell it when I lean over to the back of my PC) but it's not a smell that was present before. I am definitely not going to risk my pc, so I'm expecting to replace my PSU asap but my questions are

1) Is my PSU permanently damage (if not, I would probably resell it to cover up the cost of a brand new power supply)

2) Can I still use my PC for less demanding applications (internet, etc.) in the mean time without risking damaging other parts of my pc

3) What ATX PSU would you recommend for a dell XPS 8100 to insure that this doesn't happen again

Thank you very much!
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  1. 1) You've probably roasted it some, not good to resell since there is no way to tell when it'll blow out.

    2) In theory yes, but I wouldn't risk it on a sketchy PSU.

    3) A good PSU by Antec, Corsair, other reputable brand would be fine. In the 500 ~ 600 watt range would be plenty. A good deal will get you one around $50 or so.
  2. First thing is that i hope you can really test your psu rather than smell it.I know you might, that way you can really know if it is your psu burning second thing is that i think you might have accumulated alot of dust.Have you cleaned this pc yet?
  3. Don't be surprised if your cheap PSU blows up or make strange smells, change it immediately if you don't want your PC to die. You may although clean it, but I would not recommend you putting it up with that idiotic smell.
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