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I have quite an old PSU of 450W with 22A on 12V rails. So, whats best bang for buck GPU right now? Would prefer AMD, but nv is not a NO if its the best bang. Also, my current cpu amd X3 425 and ram 2gb 1333 ddr3. Thank you.
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  1. What model is your PSU and exactly how old is it? Your best bet would be the HD5770, since it can run on a 400W good quality PSU.

    AMD is usually cheaper on the mid-class. I don't have any experience with nVidia though, so I can't really say much.
  2. Its a no name brand called Umax. I am not certain to trust this name. Would prefer if the whole system would not exceed 250w underload. With 5770, is it feasible? I can squeeze a new cheap psu, but I am wondering, for fps\$ ratio what should be best. Also, I forgot, my res is 1680X1050 on 23in LCD.
  3. Umax? Never heard of it...

    At that resolution, the HD5770 is your best option indeed. An 500W 80+ Active PFC standard PSU from pretty reputable brands such as FSP or AcBel isn't that expensive, it usually costs around $60. A price relatively cheap considering what will happen if it fails. No need to explain how the other parts will be dragged down to the grave with it. :lol:

    But if you really want to have both the new PSU and GPU, just buy a $60 500W and the $130 HD5770, which is still within your budget limit. Look around at Newegg or Tigerdirect for discounts and offers. Not that I've done it before, since I'm not a US resident. :P
  4. Welll if my knowledge is correct , you could possibly fit a 5670 in their w/o a psu change. However, you could change your psu for a seasonic S12II or something like that for... 60$ I believe on newegg. Its a 530wt psu that is 80+ bronze cert. Seasonic is a great brand btw.

    An Nvidia option is the GT 240, I would think for that to work with such a psu.

    so to recap for amd its a 5670 and for nvidia a GT 240.
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=17-815-008&ReviewNo=2178763&SortField=0&Pagesize=10&IsFeedbackTab=true&rdm=43#scrollHelpful1

    The psu their seems solid, the only thing is doa and such. If you don't want that hassle then that's probably not the best option. The seasonic is actually not 60 any more. Its 70. It was sixty before thanksgiving xD

    With that psu you could probably get a 460 768mb, that being an nvidia option but the best bang for buck.

    So here's my opinion that psu then this 460: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121390

    Currently its 140 because of a 30$discount code. But that ends tomorrow, but it also has a 20$ mir. So if bought it today or tomorrow it'd be 120$ w/ mir. And then you could get the seasonic and be set :)
  6. get a good psu a coolermaster or huntkey cause you can never trust unknowns.

    Gt240 is cheap but for that res the HD5770 is the best deal indeed or if you dont play demanding games a HD5750 is good

    this would do good and it comes with double warranty

  7. I would get another 2 GBs of RAM as well.
  8. Thank you guys for all your informed and helpful responses. Unfortunately I wasted some of your time by forgetting I am not in US. :( So, newegg combos and stuff is cool but I cannot really take advantage of it. :( So, I will have to see some PSUs ehh? 5770 is indeed my choice. You guys sure it will last atleast 2 years on that res? Also, how long for 6770(replacement to 5670). So I wont have to change my PSU? You guys got any info on that? I can wait upto a month, if I am saved off a new psu cost. Though the 5670 is good, its way too lower than 5770. Am I right on this? Thank you and Merry Xmas all.
  9. why not gts 450?cheap and awesome at performance
    get this superclocked one:
  10. mrjericho... He just said he's not in the us.

    Anyways... The 6770 isn't going to be released according to AMD. Or are they?

    Scroll down to the transition plan, they plan to keep the 5770 and 5750, so they're probably not going to do a 6770.

    Well the 5670 isn't bad, it can hold at that res. It all depends on the settings you play at. It def won't be able to handle things like crysis on high at that res. But you'll be able to play CSS and TF2 fine.


    as you can see at maximum at that res, it holds up.
  11. Alright. So, now that 6770 is out of the way, I think its between 5670, 5750 and 5770. I am a little optimistic, but I heard 5750 power nos arent very big compared to 5670? So, I can get away with my psu on a 5750? That would be sweet, because I checked the benchies and 5750 is atleast 33% faster than 5670. :( Whats a cheapest psu you would recommend? Can I get for 25$ or something?
  12. You can probably get away with the HD5750 on that power supply. It has an external power connector but during normal gaming it doesn't really go over 75w so it doesn't actually use it except under stress testing and/or when overclocked.
  13. Well since you dont live in the US I can't really suggest anything. Just look around local sites or trusted sellers in your area.
  14. You guys have been quite a help already. I have made my mind on 5750. Now that i think, i will get a psu too. Most of the brands on newegg are indeed available at my place. Could you guys let me know about a cheap psu? Cheapest one that you think will not damage my system? I think my psu is not really trusty.
  15. it should be fine,just get hd 5750,however on the same price point you can get gts 450 that is better than hd 5750.get that if you can find one!!!but hd 5750 isnt a bad choice tooo!
  16. It's best to go with a high quality PSU. Brand matters more than wattage for the power supply. Some good ones include Corsair, Antec, Seasonic and Silverstone. A notch down but still decent are OCZ, Enermax and FSP.
  17. 5750? Well, with a slightly higher price, the 5770 should be considered a better option. That and an $40-50 500W FSP Saga II should get the job done... :)
  18. FSP saga II? Yeah, its available at my place. Was wondering about it. Its price is also much less, so I can squeeze in a 5770. So, for one phenom quad core(mine unlocks yeah), one HDD, one dvd drive, Matx mobo, coolermaster fan and this 5770. How much watts is enough? 400W fsp saga II is available at decent price here. Go for it? 500W is like 20$ more. Worth it? Thank you all.
  19. I'd go for the 500w if you can afford it. The 400w might be ok but it is cutting things close.
  20. I agree get the 500w version just to be safe
  21. Unlocked Phenom? Definitely go for the 500W. :D
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