Who works best with AMD, and vice-versa with Nvidia/Intel?

I'm making a new comp to replace my old one, and I've only just gotten into hardcore gaming and therefore hardcore gaming rigs. So i'm wondering: Which motherboard making company works best with AMD, and vice-versa with Nvidia/Intel? I either definitely want an AMD gpu/cpu combo, or a nvidia cpu/gpu combo, yet AMD doesn't make it's own motherboards, and neither does nvidia intel (Ibelieve) So i was just curious as to which company Asus and Gigabytes' loyalties mainly lie, since I either want a pure AMD computer or a pure Nvidia/Intel computer. Or however close I can get.
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  1. AMD doesn't even make their own CPUs, its done though GlobalFoundries, they 'design' only.

    Intel is the fastest platform for either AMD/ATI or nVidia GPUs. My suggestion is to look into a Sandy Bridge i5-2500K or 17-2600K, and if you can afford it until nVidia's new GTX 600 series is released 'today' the AMD HD 7000 series e.g. 7970 per core is the fastest GPU.
  2. The i5 is a processor, right? I was talking like Asus Gigabyte motherboards.
  3. There's two Intel Sandy Bridge lines: 1. Sandy Bridge LGA 1155 and 2. Sandy Bridge Extreme LGA 2011 (cheapest CPU $600).

    I prefer the ASUS MOBO's, e.g. ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 with either i5-2500K or i7-2600K Intel CPU. Gigabyte for some odd reason stopped producing their 'good' UD5 and UD7 series P67/Z68 LGA 1155 MOBO's. Otherwise I recommend the EVGA Z68 FTW.

    So ASUS or EVGA for gaming.
  4. So I take it neither EVGA, ASUS, or Gigabyte particularly like AMD over Intel or Intel over AMD?
  5. ASUS and Gigabyte produce AM3+ socket MOBOs, but EVGA choose not to produce any more AMD MOBO for sometime now.

    The new AMD AM3+ 'Bulldozer' is a dud, and for a similar cost the Sandy Bridge is a given choice for a gaming rig. I can't with a straight face recommend the $270 AMD FX-8150 Zambezi over the Sandy Bridge LGA 1155 $325 i7-2600K or $230 i5-2500K.
  6. This is more of a "where do mobo companies loyalties lie" then which processor is better thread. so EVGA is intel alligned?
  7. My 'loyalty' is whatever is the FASTEST for my needs or the OP's needs. If you reread your first post, there's a lot of old and confusing information. Today, all Chipsets for Intel based MOBO's are Intel i.e. NO nVidia chipsets and ditto with AMD.

    Again GPU's, either AMD/ATI <or> nVidia GPUs run faster on Intel chipset / Intel based MOBO's.

    There's no loyalties with MOBO manufacturers as you seem to be suggesting, they simply build MOBO's wherever the Demand is and whatever Chipset requirements are per platform or offer the best performance.

    Today, AM3+ requires AMD Chipsets and LGA 1155/2011 requires Intel Chipsets. In days 'past' there were both AMD and Intel based MOBO's with nVidia Chipsets - no more; those days are past there's a few stragglers with the older AM3 and nVidia.
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