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So I just built my first computer and was curious about some things. What is decent Tempurature for my cpu and M/B to run at? CPU has leveled out at 100 degrees fahrenheit and M/B has level out at 87 degrees. But i dont have my sides to my case on yet either. I think i did pretty good with all them cords too. Im running AMD phenom 2 x4 955 BE. I kept taking the the cooling fan off and on because the screws to that bracket on the Mobo werent long enough and the fan couldnt latch down on both sides. Finally found screws that worked but the pre applied thermal paste was a mess so im just curious if its normal or not. also can I put Windows 7 on a flash drive and intall it using that or just CD/DVD? And for my system interface panel on the mobo I couldnt get my lights hooked up right. My power sw and reset sw are correct though. If I turn them upside down, would that affect anything?
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    When you are posting temps, post them in Celsius please, as most equpiment spec is listed in C, and if you post them in F you can scare us briefly that you are running super hot until we convert.

    As for those temps, they are fine, thats about 38C which is reasonably cool, my 955 runs about 35C at idle, but its really load temps that matter, load it up with Prime95 and see how high it goes, it should stay below about 65C.

    The paste wont be doing a great job anymore, but it should still do reasonably well. You may want to replace it with an aftermarket cooler in the future if you do have temperature issues.

    Not sure about installing it off the flash drive, only ever done my OS installs off a DVD/CD.

    The lights are LED so they are polarity sensitive, they will only work right if you plug them in right if you have them backwards it wont hurt them they just wont turn on.
  2. Got my OS installed and everything is working up to par. My temp even dropped once I started to actually use and work my computer. its at like 36 degrees celsius. Is there a program that I can get to check the temp of my computer without actually going into my bios to do it? I looked for some on google but theres quite a few and I want one thats reliable. My Asrock board even came with this IES program to control the power consumption of my machine and its a neat interface but doesnt tell me anything I actually need like my temps and fan speeds.
  3. HWMonitor is pretty reliable, if you leave it running it will show you the current temp, lowest temp, and highest temp that it recorded while it was running.

    You can use speed fan to control your fan speeds.
  4. get a real fan controller for changing fan speeds +1 for HWmonitor realtemp and coretemp are also nice
  5. HWmonitor is great. All my parts seem to be running very nice and cool except for my GPU. That got up to 55 degreees celsius when I was playing sc2 and RIFT on ultra settings. Seeing graphics like that was amazing, but when I saw the temp, i got scerd and stopped playing and got ready for work instead :p
  6. GPUs are different from CPUs, they are a very different process and have a much higher max temp. 100C is the max temp for most GPUs, 80C is about where i consider it to be hot, but if its below there you are perfectly safe, 55C is nothing to worry about.
  7. haha ok. I was getting worried. So out of all my parts in my system, GPU should be the hottest? Also on HWmonitor, what is SYSTIN and AUXTIN under termperatures? Is SYSTIN the temp of my whole system? No clue about AUXTIN.
  8. Yeah, the GPU is generally the hottest, my CPU usually hits about 60C, my GPU usually hits about 68C when gaming(XFX cooler does surprisingly well)

    SYSTIN and AUXTIN are secondary temp sensors, one of them might be your CPU socket temp or northbridge temp, one of them is likely on the front edge of your motherboard and measuring the case temperature.
  9. yea, my cpu doesnt go above 45C which is nice. I have a HIS Radeon 6870 and was just playing RIFT with ultra settings for like an hour or 2 and hit 69C on my GPU. Theres like no way of keeping the temp of the GPU lower because it has its own fan built in right? Would playing at lower settings make it not run as hot and keep it at a lower temp or does it not mater?
  10. Thats a perfectly fine temp for the GPU so you really dont need to worry about it.

    If you really want the temp lower there are a few options, you can set the fan speed manually in CCC, use MSI afterburner to set a custom fan profile that runs a little faster than the default one, or increase your case air flow to have cooler air getting to the GPU.

    Lowering the settings wont really help until you get to the point where the GPU is being bottlenecked by the CPU and can no longer work at full potential, not really what you usually want, i would just stick with your GPU hitting 69C because thats well within the safe range, the reference designs for the 5870 were hitting 100C at max load which AMD wouldnt have done if it wasnt safe, a 6870 is perfectly safe at 69C.
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