M5A97 SATA cable hard drive detection problem?

Not sure if this is the right forum to post in, but I just built my new computer for the first time. I'm was trying to install windows, but it couldn't detect a hard drive to place it in. I have every cable installed correctly, I think, the hard drive is running, I can hear and feel the vibration of it running (note: there is a strange two clicking sounds, starts off quiet and then a pretty loud one, not sure if it's the issue) It is plugged into my SATA cable 1 slot, but when I run drive scans, it can only find my DVD drive. When I got it, it came with no instructions, just a hard drive.
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  1. Try another SATA data cable. But, clicking sounds from HDDs is never a good thing - you may have a bad HDD.
  2. Grangier, I bought ASUS A5M97 moderboard and I had an similar problem. Initially I thought that the problem was the power supply, but after a lot of tests I discovered that the SATA connection of my motherboard isn't perfect. It works only if I press the cable to up (or down).
    And the problem is not the cable because the same cable works fine in another motherboard.
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