Complete Ignorant Wanting to Build a PC

Hello all.

I feel awkward coming around here being completely ignorant. I am 33 yrs old, from the Philippines and recently just started to like computers.

Basically, my knowledge of computers is just clicking away on the Internet e, then typing away websites. Lately, I learned how to play games one, called Warcraft DOTA and I like it very much. Without saying, I do all of this in an Internet Cafe.

Now I want to get my own personal machine, and I want roughly $US 600 to spend. I looked around some "build" but these kind of things make me dizzy. I do not understand 99% of it..CPU, GPU, Memody DDR3.. I am knocked back so to speak. I dont know what these things are.

Anyway, I found a website and was trying to follow many things suggested in other topics but many I have no idea what or which one is better than which. Will the same "specs" that will be chosen today be okay after a year? Please help me.

Exchange rate is:
1 US Dollar = 45 Php Pesos

PS: I looked around some prices info around here. I found out that some specs have lowered prices like that Intel something that now costs $US 200, but the link above says same spec still cost around $US 280+. Does these price drops only apply to USA markets and not on 3rd world countries?

Thank you so much for you time and input. I greatly appreciate it.
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  1. Well you could check out my guide in my siggy. Hope it helps. The 600$ build should fit, or the 450$ one. Any questions, post back :)
    I just checked out that site... I don't know if it's just me. But those parts ARE WAYYYYY to expensive. Well they're not CRAZY expensive. But rather more expensive than that of US pricing.

    I just used my 600$ build as closely as I could, and already the total (only half way done) already used the 600$ budget up =P

    Also they don't seem to sell AM3 motherboards, but they sell AM3 CPUs.
  2. Hello asoxtao;

    Do you already have a LCD monitor? If so, what screen resolution do you use? 1280x1024/1440x900/1600/900 for example.
    Or do you wish to have one included in your $600 budget?
  3. To aznshinobi

    Thank you alot.

    I am actually trying to read a little bit about these things. At this point, these computer specs and terms just make my head explode. But I will read your guide.

    To WR2

    Hello, I do not have anything at this point. Do you mean the monitor is not included with the computer and budget? Please clarify for me.

    Thank you.
  4. ^ Wow... Then use the 450$ build in my guide. As my 600$ doesn't entail the use of a monitor. It just is for parts.
  5. asoxtao said:
    PS: I looked around some prices info around here. I found out that some specs have lowered prices like that Intel something that now costs $US 200, but the link above says same spec still cost around $US 280+. Does these price drops only apply to USA markets and not on 3rd world countries?
    That shop maybe marking up the actual cost in order to make a profit.
    And the local taxes and import duties are probably higher than in the US. And some popular parts get an additional price increase.

    You can find some good bargains like:
    AMD x4 955 BE 6850Php = $152 in US price is $140
  6. The LCD monitor and a copy of Windows has to be taken into account, as do keyboard/mouse, speakers.

    What is your budget in Php?
  7. Head exploding is not recommended.
    We can work with your budget and that website to get you the best available options.
  8. Hello WR2,

    I am back, thank you.

    My budget would be Php 30, 000 (to maybe 33, 000) for the whole computer - including screen, keyboard etc?

    I dont need a printer though

    Can you suggest to me some good parts please help me. Thank you so much.
  9. ^ Are there any other online retailers in the Philippines that you trust? Possibly wholesale?
  10. To aznshinobi

    People in Manila usually go to that place because they say its the "cheapest", and that's their web site. The only one I know unfortunately...
  11. Here is something that looks like it might fit your budget:
    From the website

    Processor: AMD Athlon II X3 445 3.2Ghz 3550 Php
    Memory: 2 GB PC10600 DDR3 1333 1180 Php
    Hard Drive: Samsung 320GB 7200rpm SATA 1650 Php
    Video Card: Asus EAH5670 1GB DDR5 5200 Php

    **Motherboard: AMD AM3 760G/770/785G/870/880G DDR3 RAM motherboard - 3750 Php
    -> The option to chose an AM3 motherboard is missing on website

    CD/DVD: Samsung DVDRW SH223X 22X 900 Php

    Casing/: Thermaltake Element T 3300 Php
    USP/AVR/PSU: Acbel CE2 Power 500W 1850 Php

    Keyboard: Logitech K120 USB keyboard 450 Php
    Mouse: Logitech 3B Optical Wheel mouse USB 400 Php
    Speaker: Logitech A103 2.1 950 Php

    Monitor: 20" Asus VH202T LCD Widescreen 6000 Php
    1600x900 resolution

    29,400 Php

    Add a copy of windows hopefully around 3000 Php
    When you get a chance add 2GB more DDR3 1333 RAM for 4GB total
  12. To WR2

    Wow thank you so much! Thank you thank you thank you! You really went out on a limb here, I am very happy about this! I will go to the store and buy all these stuff tomorrow.

    I just have one question, can I play games with a computer like this?

    PS. Do you think the store will help me put together the parts?
  13. I would recommend waiting a few months for the sandybridge fix and the ssd gen 3 release. normally waiting is not really worth it but these will be big realeases and will drive prices down. There are a few good videos on youtube that is how I learned. Will be building my 2nd in a few months as well.
  14. Yes you could. THG: Best Graphics Cards For The Money: February 2011 @ ~$80
    Radeon HD 5670 - Exceptional 1680x1050 performance in most games. This would also apply to the 1600x900 20" monitor in your list.

    I do not know the store policy on doing the assembly. But those stores often have employees who will do the assembly on the side for a small fee.
    A phone call should get you your answer.
    Hopefully they can also help you choose an good AM3 motherboard in the 3750 Php price range.
  15. Will you need a telephone modem? That was not included in the build list.
  16. To WR2

    I am 99% sure that this will be the specs of my new PC. I can't thank you enough.

    What's a telephone modem? What is it for?

    To monkeymonk

    What is sandybridge fix and ssd gen 3 release? Pls tell me
  17. How will you connect to the internet?
    A telephone modem is the 'old school' way to connect to the internet over a phone line.
    If you have a broadband internet connection (DSL or Cable) you won't need a telephone modem.

    A Sandy Bridge CPU based computer and 3rd generation solid state drive SSD are a bit outside your budget range.

    Some of the Sandy Bridge Intel CPUs/prices
    Core i5-2300 8600 Php
    Core i5-2400 9000 Php
    Core i5-2500 9700 Php
    Asus P8H67M H67 Motherboard 5750 Php

    I did not see any SSD on the site.
  18. Sandy bridge is just the name of intel's newest line of processors. There was a problem with them that they are fixing before the re-release them in a month or two. You may be able to fit them into your budget, but even if you can't they are a big release and will lower the price of all the older competing hardware. It's kinda like when a new iPod is released, The new one cost the standard price and the old ones become much cheaper.

    Hardrives are the part of your computer that stores information, don't get this mixed up with memory it is different. Hard drives can be called HDD for short and memory is called RAM. Normally A hard drive is mechanical. There is a little disc on the inside of the HDD with a "eye" on it that reads of information the disc spins. Here is an example of a HDD

    A SSD is a type of hard drive. The main difference is that there are no mechanical parts in it. Kinda like a memory card, a SD card for a phone, or a flash drive. This leads to a LOT of advantages over a traditional drive. They are much, much faster, more reliable, and silent. There are a few disadvantages as well, They are typically smaller sized in memory about 80 GB depending on the one you buy. Compared to 500GB-2tb (2000gb), the size of traditional HDDs. This is ok though because. You just put the Operating system (OS) on it and a few commonly used games or other data. Then you put pictures, music, videos, etc; on the mechanical HDD. The other disadvantage is price it costs a good amount more for an SSD. This is why I don't currently have one in my comp when I built my computer they were hundreds of dollars now you can get one for like 100 bucks. This will get much better when Intel releases the 3rd generation of them in 3 months. Here is an example of a SSD

    Here is an excellent series of videos to show you how to go about building it.
    They are a little old but will show the generally what all the components and how they go together. It helped me a lot and is the reason I started researching.
    I know it seems overwhelming but it will get better as you do your research and ask questions. Just concentrate on learning a few things at a time. You don't have to know everything about computers in order to build one. It's is just like putting together very expensive legos. Good luck to you man feel free to ask questions if you got them!
  19. His budget is $600 including a monitor.
  20. WR2 said:
    His budget is $600 including a monitor.

    I thought he said 800 but regardless, of his budget my advice is still viable. Prices will be much better then, not now.
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