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Hey guys,
Right now I've got the Logitech G35's. I really don't like them that much. The sound quality is okay, but the 'virtual surround' is obnoxious, but the software won't output 2ch correctly on ANY game unless you use it. I hate that it's USB, too. Other than that, I don't have many issues with it. But I can sell them to a friend and get new ones - so I'm looking for suggestions. Here's my requirements:

1. Not USB - no active audio enhancements, effects, on-board sound cards, or other crap like that.
2. Prefer over-ear instead of laying on top of them.
3. Must have good-better sound quality.
4. Price range ~$80 or less

I've looked at the Razar Carcharias and the Creative Tactic 3D Sigma so far - I would choose the creative set over it, but from reviews I'm worried about the build quality. My friend has the Carcharias, and I really wasn't impressed. The good sennhesier units are out of my price range, unfortunately.

Any suggestions?
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  1. I know the sigmas have a USB card that comes with them, but it's detachable, and I certainly won't be using it.
  2. If you need better quality stereo sound production then spend a little extra and grab these -


    They are absolutely worth twice that asking price.. Another awesome option is the Grado SR-60i.. Difficult to find them though..
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