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Bluetooth peripheral device driver for Lifebook AH550

I want the bluetooth peripheral device driver for Fujitsu Lifebook AH550 and I can not find. Is it possible somebody do favor and help me?


Ali Sajjadpour
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  1. Hello sajjad331;

    The "bluetooth peripheral device driver" should come with the bluetooth peripheral device.
    Try downloading from the device's website.
  2. Hi WR2;
    Thanks for your help, but the Fujitsu website has no driver because this type of laptop is no longer produced.
  3. Dear Friend
    Hi, thanks for your help and that link you gave me. I went there but there was no driver for my problem. Actually this is my problem: I want to send a print job to my printer that attached my desktop computer by bluetooth and I did it before because I had the driver( Bluetooth Peripheral Device driver) but I reistalled my opertating system and after that whatever I try to find that driver, I fail.
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    sajjad331 said:
    printer - Bluetooth Peripheral Device driver
    It's not the laptop driver you need.
    It's the Printer's Bluetooth device driver that you need to load in your laptop.
  5. Like WR2 stated ,you need to get that from the printers site!
  6. My dear friends,
    many many thanks for your great help. You were right and my problem is solved as you referred. again thanks...
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