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Hd 6850 vs Gtx 460 1gb vs Hd 6870 (@1280x1024 res)

Hey guys I'm gonna be buying a new video card soon so I'm gonna need your opinions and suggestions on what to buy.I will be buying it locally so options are somewhat limited,anyway which graphics card should I buy?I'm gonna be playing games crysis,metro 2033,cod etc and i want it to last a few more years before i have to upgrade again,by the way I'm on a student's budget so I wont be able to go above $250 plus I also need to buy a new a psu that along with the graphics card should also be in the $250 budget.I wont be overclocking and my mobo doesn't support crossfire or sli,so I'm limited to 1 card only

Here are my specs btw
C2Q Q400@3.0ghz
G31M es2c mobo
4gb Ram
I'm still gonna buy a new psu so i don't know yet
17 inch Lcd @1280x1024 (I will be upgrading to a bigger monitor in the next 2 years so I'm gonna be stuck gaming at this resolution)

Thanks in Advance :)
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  1. mrjericho1991 said:

    Looks like a good choice but unfortunately its unavailable here.The only brand of 460 here is the inno3d and palit,and for the 6850 and the 6870 they have sapphire,msi,and powercolor
  2. i'd get the 460 if you're planning to play metro 2033
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    I'm going to c/p a response I had earlier on the forums to a similar question but for 1080p. Ignore that crap about the 470 etc.

    "If you plan to game at 1920x1080 (1080p) you should look at a GTX 470 or wait until the GTX 560s drop. 1 GB video memory is cutting it close at that resolution with all the bells and whistles on. I have a GTX 460 and used >800 megs at 1280x1024. IF YOU WANT TO GAME AT HIGH RES GET SOMETHING BETTER OR EXPECT TO NOT USE CERTAIN FEATURES.

    As for the 6850 vs 460 1GB "debate," a factory 6850 will be slightly faster than a factory 460. An overclocked 460 is faster than a 6850 (comparing max overclocks and "safe" overclocks).
    Safe: [...] study.html
    Maximum (still very safe, see below): [...] ction.html
    The difference is significant and you can do everything with MSI Afterburner.

    If you don't plan on using 3 monitors any time soon and want the fastest card (out of these 2) and are comfortable with afterburner (it's a joke how easy it is...) then the 460 is clearly the better card. Obviously it depends on the specific vendor for other factors such as noise and heating solutions. There are also a bunch of cards out there on both sides that have lifetime warantees that are begging for abuse.

    Some final thoughts: I have 9700 PRO that I am using in my HTPC that does some light gaming and AMD/ATI drivers are non-existent or don't work with 7 64bit. Hey it's an old card but it's more than sufficient for a HTPC and it's even D3D 9 compatible.

    My PNY GTX 460 1GB (regular edition) is running great at 845 core with 1.037v and 1000 (x4) memory. Gets to ~88 degrees C but cooling isn't great. Lifetime warantee so IDGAF. It's running with a Phenom II X4 on an AM2+ motherboard, 2 DVD drives 2 SATA drives on my 6 year old Antec True430.

    If you do decide to go with a 460 1GB 800/1000 should be rock solid at stock 1v."

    You might not really need to replace your PSU. I priced out 460s and 6850s and the 460 was cheaper in most cases. I like to push things to the extreme so a 460 768 might be sufficient for you. (It overclocks higher than the 1GB version)
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  5. A 460 is more than enough for most games, but just be aware, even that won't max out Metro 2033 at that resolution.
  6. Tnx for the advice,I decided I'll either wait for price drops on the 560 and 570 or I wait till I get more money and buy a better a rig altogether,Including mutiple monitors so i can use eyefinity or surround,but if i can't wait that long I'll think i'll just be going with the 6870 since its the fastest of all them at stock.
  7. bystander said:
    A 460 is more than enough for most games, but just be aware, even that won't max out Metro 2033 at that resolution.

    Metro 2033 is a beast. It's the new "Crysis" of 2010/2011. My i5-750 @ 4Ghz plus GTX 470 SLI is what it took to max out the game @ 1920x1080 just to give you an idea.
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