Advice for a CPU/RAM upgrade

Firstly, I'll say sorry for asking whats probably a bit of a basic components question, but I really am a bit of an amateur when it comes to PCs, and I don't want to spend £60 on parts to find out I've made a balls-up.
I'm planning on upgrading our old family desktop, which was built by a family friend a few years ago. The mobo is an ASRock P4i65G
and I just wanted to check whether these parts will work.
The processor I am looking at is a 3.0GHz Intel Pentium 4
Also, at the moment it has a 512MB PC3200U RAM chip. I've been looking at these 1GB RAM chips to add
and these all say they're PC3200. Will these play nice with the 512MB PC3200U chip I already have, or is there another specific type of RAM I need? If you need more information about the chip I already have, its made by elixer (whoever they are), and on the side it says "PC3200U-30331 512MB 1Rx8 400"
I'd really appreciate any advice you could give me with this.
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  1. Hello pottage.

    Yes the Intel P4 will work.

    For the RAM though, it is tricky. It is sometimes a bad idea to add in a 2nd RAM chip that is different. Especially if it is a different size. I suggest getting 2x1GB DDR400 RAM and just taking out the single 512MB piece.

    Also, what operating system are you currently using?
  2. Those items you've picked will do fine if you want to put money into the system,
    had you considered moving up to something a little more recent techwise?
    not to worry if that one is still meeting your needs alright, just thought I'd ask
    **Edit, just realised you were wanting to add the ram to existing stick, if you get the new stick, replace the old one with it and file the old stick in a static bag somewhere
  3. The parts you have chosen are 5+ years old and as such are probably a complete waste of money as an upgrade.

    The biggest performance boost on an older system running windows XP is likely to be by adding more RAM . Chances are adding any stick will work , so buy a 1 gig stick and install it . If it fails to boot then remove the original and try again .
    But it will almost certainly work if you use pc 3200 .

    If you are running windows 98 or Windows ME then its not worth installing more RAM . Neither were designed to use more than 512 mb and can get flakey if they try .
  4. Hi Motopsychojdn, thanks for the quick reply.
    I was thinking about getting a new system, but I really wouldn't be using it enough to make it worthwhile spending the £300+ I would have to. The rest of the machine's fine, still got enough harddrive space, dvd drive works, it's just been chugging along a lot, so wanted to ease up the load, do the basics without having to wait 30 secs after clicking on something for it to do it. All I really do is browse the web, do the occasional spreadsheet/letter, listen to music and burn the odd CD.
  5. @ikyung I'm running XP, service pack 3.
    @Outlander_04 The reason I wanted to get a replacement processor is that just doing something simple like uninstalling a program/trying to open firefox was banging the CPU usage on task manager to 100% and staying there for quite a while, so I think my system's pretty CPU-limited. At the moment its only got a 1.7GHz celeron processor.
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