450 watt psu enough for a gts 450?

i need a new gpu 4 my pc. ive decided upon the gts 450. im getting it this weekend, but the problem is that i want to know weather my pc's power supply can handle it. i got a 450 watt power supply. :bounce:

according to a site, i read that it needs a 400 power supply, but i just need to make absolute shure!

here are my computer specs: Pentium dual core E2180@ 2.6ghz (overclocked from 2.0)
450 watt psu
windows xp service pack 3
1gb ram(ddr2)
mother board- biostar G41 M7

please reply soon because as i said, im getting the card this weekend! :hello: :D
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  1. If it is a reasonable quality unit it should handle GTS450 fine.
  2. ^ +1.
    And to put your mind fully at ease run the numbers through this handy calculator:

  3. i put in my comp details on the calculator, but wers the answer?
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