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Hey guys I was looking at upgrading a little into my gaming rig.

I have a Asus Striker Extreme and a q6600. I have 2 gigs of Crucial ballistix ram. I wanted to upgrade to around 4gigs of good ram and a nice gfx card (doesn't need to be insane)

My question is what ram is good and compatible with this motherboard?

I currently have a GTX 260.

Thanks :)
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  1. Could you please tell us what country and preferred stores you would want to use, if any. Also I have found your motherboard but no info on how many RAM slots it has - just the maximum amount of RAM it can support so if you could tell me how many slots hat would be great. Also what is you PSU wattage ?
  2. Sorry about that. I prefer Newegg and I'm located in the US. It has 4 slots for ram and I have a 1000w Enermax Galaxy PSU.
  3. Dont be sorry about it. I will get to work on finding you some stuff. Do you have a price range by the way and if possible could you find out what mhz your RAM is at.
  4. Around 4-500 would be good. And where can I locate the mhz of my ram?
  5. I am not that sure how to find out what mhz your RAM is but I think CPU-ID - might tell you.
  6. (Ignore last comment)
    I think this idea would be best for your PC. I picked a GTX570 which is a very good card and a new set of RAM

    Graphics Card -

    New RAM -

    I decided to get a new set of RAM (6GB) The total cost is only $410.
  7. and you can use you gtx260 for physyx
  8. tacoslave said:
    and you can use you gtx260 for physyx

    Good idea tacoslave
  9. You could also get 2 sets of the first lot of RAM giving you 8GB for an extra $30 and and scrap the RAM in the second link.
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