How much of a bottleneck would this be?

I'm currently running a system with a Q9400 @ stock clocks (2.66 Ghz), GTX 570, and 4GB DDR2 ram. I was thinking about buying a socket 775 mobo that supports SLI for $60 and a second GTX 570. How much worse performance would I get using a Q9400 instead of an i7 950? If I upgraded to the i7 it would be at least $500 for the cpu/mobo/ram so would it be worth it?

Right now I only have a single 1680 x 1050 monitor but I'm planning on doing Nvidia surround at 5040x1050. My friend plays at that resolution with a 5870 and an i7 but he only gets 20 fps in crysis and like 40-50 in BC2.

Heres the EVGA mobo from newegg. I don't think it comes with an SLI bridge but my friend has one that came with his ASUS P6T. Would that still work with a EVGA 750i?

sorry forgot to post the link.

here it is
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  1. also, I have a Corsair 850watt psu. Would that be enough to power dual GTX 570's? My other friend has a Corsair 750w and two GTX 275's and it runs fine for him.
  2. yeah it will do fine in sli i think you need to overclock your q9400 upto 3.3ghz,then you will be fine with that,get i7 when already having good cpu will be mistake for sure.just overclock it and get it done,adding another gtx 570 will be huge upgrade.yeah and evga 750i will do sli fine,my friend has one and he has gtx 460s in sli and they work pretty good,and also adding more 2gb ram will make your pc futureproof but but but but but don't forget to overclock cpu,other wise it might bottleneck in surround.get it at 3.3 to 3.5ghz atleast.
  3. yes its enough
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