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Hello, I have a Pentium 3.2 GHz CPU, which is located in a LGA 478 socket motherboard. My other parts are the following: Corsair 400 W PSU, Stock Cooler, ECS PM800-M2 M/B, AGP ATi 4650, Diamond Sound Card, Rosewill Ethernet NIC, 2GB DDR Ram, NZXT Apollo. My processor runs at 55 C at idle, so it is obviously in need of better cooling. I will accept any reasonably priced cooler at this point. Thank you in advance, and don't tell me to upgrade to a new machine, as I already have an i7 920 in my gaming desktop and an i7 720qm in my laptop.
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  1. Load temps?
  2. I am sorry, but I don't know of any applications that can test this. The computer is old and if you can recommend me a program to test my temps, I will post it.
  3. Most Scythe Coolers fit 478, Do not know what will fit your case. The Mugen 2 Rev B is about $40.
    Sunbeam Tuniq Tower 120 Universal. about the same.
    Zalman 7000 and 7000B but not 7000C I believe. all AL is prefered to AL/CU for lightness.
  4. Zodiac, i have a Pentium 4 EE 3.2GHz (google SL7AA thats the one i got), overclocked to 3.5GHz on stock cooling running at around 35°C with stock cooler, how does that happen to you?

    I use EVEREST, good program. Another good program is PC Wizard by CPUID which i also have. Easy and simple downloads that give ALOT of overall info about your computer, and yes even temperature! Things may seem a little rough and complicated at first but they are easy to get used to after a little while.

    I used to cool my P4 3.0GHz CPU that was damaged(broken pins) with a cheap stock cooler i bought from a local computer store, i used Smart Fan Target Temp (something like that in BIOS) and my CPU was around 35-40°C always.

    Bottom line, theres no need to invest in buying expensive coolers for an older computer when cheaper ones do the job and leave money for a Bic Mac or a McDouble or even a McChicken.
  5. My fave for Pentium 4s is the Zalman 9500. All copper so it does a great job. Just need to make sure to use decent thermal paste and it should keep it cool enough.

    This is the one i have, pretty decent cooling solution.

    I've heard copper is better than aluminum though =] (i dont have this)

    Bottom line, no need to spend alot on a cooler when cheaper ones do a good job at it.
  7. Get some good thermal paste too if you can, its important that you have good quality thermal paste. I was a noob back then with computers and i bought some cheap thermal compound at a local store and it surprizingly works great(i got lucky). N even before that i used this adhesive that bonds various objects that have broken, and the CPU idled at around 60°C. I never knew LOL.
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