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Two ASUS ESH5770 Graphics cards on P7p55D-E Pro w/ Win 7

Hello,I have installed two ASUS ESH5770 Graphics cards with the bridge connector attached between the two cards on ASUS P7p55D-E Pro MB and Windows 7 is installed. I have four monitors and only 2 are active. The Device Manager identifies one card but not the 2nd. How can I get the 2nd card working?
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    You probably have to remove the crossfire bridge, make sure crossfire is disabled, then you can run all four monitors. If you are trying to run crossfire and 4 monitors, you are out of luck unless you pick up one of the 5770 flex edition cards and hook all 4 monitors up to 1,
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  3. B3AR was correct and simplicity can many times be the best answer. I overlooked the check box for Crossfire in the software. Once that was deselected, all 4 monitors worked. For me it comes back to KISS.
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