Help picking out high end GPUs

i will be using 3 monitors (1080P each with 16:9 aspect ratio) with either eyefinity or nvidia surround.

i will either go for 3 radeon HD 6970s in CF or 2 GTX 580s in SLI

i have heard that the 6970s have better scaling and at that res i think i need the extra 506Mb vram

i like to play the following: ( the top ones being the most played ones)
-Garry's Mod (lol)
-Just Cause 2*
-GTA4 *
-CoD black ops
-crysis ***
-BFBC2 *
-fallout: new vegas

i have checked and the rest of my hardware (PSU, CPU, RAM, and MOBO) will all be fine

i will have an i7 2600K OCed to 4.2-4.5GHz

no GPU OCing

which GPU setup should i go for... im leaning towards the 6970s with this :D because of extra vram and great scaling reveiws... but i wanted the awesome community's opinion. :na:
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  1. my total budget is like $4300 for tower and monitor(s)

    going to play Gmod for a while :D
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