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Best card for $300 - $350?

ATI or Nvidia, In your guys' opinion, what is the best card for this price range?
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  1. A GTX 570 is the best deal in that price range right now...
  2. Either a 570 or 6950.

    The 570 has a little more average FPS and PhysX if you own a game that supports GPU accelerated PhysX.

    The 6950 has 2gb of ram, which mostly isn't needed unless you have an eyefinity setup or high resolution. It also has much better antialiasing options which can make some games much better looking.
  3. Considering that Ill be playing games on a 1080p lcd, should I buy the 6950?
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    I've gone back and forth in using the more recent cards (I haven't used the 500 series yet), but after using the 470's and a 6950, I've been most happy with the 6950.

    The things that I like:
    + The 6950 has better AA. In some games, there is a big difference.
    + The 6950's 2gb of ram has prooven to smooth out areas of games that used to stutter a little or drop in frames. (it could be another aspect of the card, as they do show to have better min FPS).
    + It's quiet.

    The advantage of the 470's was that it has PhysX, which I only use in one game, and I don't particularly care for that games use of PhysX (Sacred 2).

    I know I haven't tried the 570, but for the most part, it's just a bit faster than the 470. It doesn't suffer the same noise issue, but it still lacks the superior AA options and 2gb of ram.

    I think the 6950 is a thumbs up, especially after I was able to flash the 6970 bios on it without a problem.
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