$700 Media/Audio/Video editing PC

Approximate Purchase Date: 2 weeks or less

Budget Range: 600 - 800

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Producing Music, Video Editing, Media/Home Theater, Surfing

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg, tiger or wherever is cheapest

Country of Origin: USA

Parts Preferences: by brand or type: don't care, just want most bang 4 buck!

Overclocking: Yes, willing to overclock as long as its stable and quiet

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

Additional Comments: Looking to do heavy processing, need fast disks and best processor for money. also because of audio recording, would need to have quietness.

Hope I did this right, thanks for the help experts!

Last time I built a PC was 4 years ago, so i'm a out of touch with whats out there.

P. S. Willing to wait for new processors to come out in hopes of getting old processors cheaper...
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  1. Hmm ok i am assuming you aren't using Premiere Pro and/or project size does not make it worthwhile leveraging on GPU in Premiere Pro so

    1090T + Gigabyte 880G $235

    Items off Egg $203

    $438 base build

    If my assumption is incorrect just add a 1GB GTS 450/GTX 460 ^^

    A case for GPU computing: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and the Mercury Playback Engine
    This project consists of compressed 640×480 video footage. These small video files were being eaten alive by the massive 1090T hexa-core processor and 8GB of RAM. Premiere Pro CS5′s increased performance with multi-core systems coupled with bleeding fast hardware will make fast work of any simple projects such as this, not giving the GPU enough work to really make a difference. These results do suggest that if you’re editing small-time video footage, you will not benefit much from using Mercury Playback.
  2. thank for the quick reply and the micro center site!

    your right i prob don't need a vid card for what i want. As long as the mobo has HDMI out. Do mobos have wifi cards in them now? that's how behind i am!!

    it really is mostly for the best mobo+cpu+ram combo, the rest i can work out myself! is G-skill any good, I've never heard of them, ok to overclock a bit?

    again, thanks.
  3. Hmm some mobos have onbaord wifi but at the rate that tech moves a USB wifi adapter is prolly the better option and transferable too ^^

    Yes GSkill has a great track record for RAM and sure hit a Cooler Master GeminIIS cooler and i dun see why u can OC as well

    Yep u are welcomed ^^
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