Worst Comp Problem Ever

Make it short and sweet here. Problem: My computer randomly freezes and crashes resulting in me shutting it down. It appears with a msg occasionally after a crash with a BSOD error 1033, I get disk write errors sometimes before windows (wont boot to windows)
What i have tried: Replacing OCZ vertex 2 boot drive, Replacing all hdd's in the system, resetting cmos and restoring factory settings, windows reinstall like 2 or 3 times. (NOT ALL ON MY OCZ DRIVE)

My possible thoughts: My mobo is bad, my ram is bad, my psu is bad, windows?

My system Core i7 950 <AT STOCK SPEED NEVER OCD
Asus sabertooth
Gigabyte 6850
Cooler Master 1000 watt psu and haf x case
Vertex 2 60 gb ssd
Seagate 500gb barracuda and WD 500gb Caviar black

Last thoughts This system is very picky on OC sometimes it hates my ram at 1600 but thats its proper setting and whenever i turn voltage off auto to like 1.2 1.3 whatever my system wont post period. So auto it is.. I found somtimes unplugging one hdd helped (it would boot) I have verified it is none of my drives it doesn't matter which drive i unplug most will not remedy the situation and have all been tested on a seperate system for up to 10 hours of no problems. I have all 6 gb of ram showing up even at 1600. As i speak my system is running fine. But out of the blue today, tom a week from now this will reoccur and i am gunna sell this thing if my situation cannot be remedied. Lastly There is no overheating issue i have ridiculous number of fans and controllers nothing even hits 50c under load. Please help if you can. O lastly i run windows 7.
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  1. my guess is RAM run memtest86+ as well as prime95 blend test. run memtest86+ overnight and prime95 blends for at least 5hrs preferably 9hrs
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