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Hello I'm wanting to upgrade my video card from a Geforce 7800 GT to a GTX460. I'm just concerned about the rest of my computer specs and if I should upgrade the video card first or if it wold be smarter to upgrade other hardware. I mostly just want to play games. Here are my specs:

Processor: Pentium Dual E2180 @2.00GHZ

Ram: 3 GB Speed: PC2-6400 MB/sec

Motherboard: Asus IPIBL-LB

Power Supply: 250W power supply

Harddrive: sata 500 gb. 7200 RPM

Let me know if you need more info and thanks!
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  1. First of you would need a bigger PSU. Your CPU is going to bottleneck a GTX460 at stock speed, so since this is an OEM computer then overclocking is going to be impossible.
    Here is the motherboard info and it can be upgraded with a better CPU
    With a bigger PSU, better CPU and a GTX460 you would have a decent gaming rig but then again maybe building something more modern would be the better approach.
  2. Just my .02, I'd just build/buy a new computer before I went about replacing both PSU and CPU, especially on a store bought machine. You are going to spend at least 350$ on your PSU, CPU, and your new card, possibly more. Why not just save up another couple hundred dollars and build/buy something with more modern components that is tailored specifically for your needs?
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