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Which GTX 570 to choose?

Hi! :D

I'm building a pc and want to put the Nvidia Geforce GTX 570 in it. But i am confused about which graphics card manufacturer to choose.
Zotac, Palit, Gainward, eVGA, Gigabyte, Club 3D, ASUS, MSI

I was originally going to choose eVGA because of an thread here on tom's hardware which voted eVGA best. But since all the providers are out of eVGA card, I don't know which to choose :S

Thanks in Advance
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  1. I would put Asus and MSI on level with EVGA.
  2. Is this only a question of warranty, support, durability and so on?
  3. I would say warranty, support and value for money, durability is similar.
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    Go with EVGA as you can register the card for lifetime warranty.

    I have a superclocked version BTW.
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