Another "which card" question,

Hi guys,

Looks like for Christmas I get about $200 to upgrade my video card!

I'm currently using an OC'd XFX Radeon HD 4650, and while it meets my needs at 1280x1024, I'd like to upgrade to 1080p in January. I primarily play Warcraft, with the occasional FPS and SC2 thrown in for good measure. Can I get a card that will allow me to play with very high video settings at that resolution, in the budget I have available?

Processor: Phenom II x4 955

Suggestions for a good upgrade card would be most welcome!

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  1. Since WoW favore Nvidia cards, I'd look at the GTX460 1gb.
  2. WoW favors Nvidia?
  3. Yes.
  4. How so? And is it enough of a benefit to put an Nvidia card on an AMD board? I posted in the ATI forum cuz I kinda thought you should keep all your Lego parts interlocking, but I'm open to other ideas!
  5. There is no reason to choose ATI or Nvidia based on the CPU brand. The only benefit you might have to using an ATI card on an AMD board is if the board is a crossfire board and you intend to crossfire.

    Compare these:
    AMD -,2793-3.html

    Nvidia -,2793-5.html

    A gtx 460 is out performing a 6870 and 5870.
  6. Wow, there's something to think about! Thanks, bystander!
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