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I recently got a new HD that isn't allowing me to install winxp. I need to install xp because I only have a win7 upgrade, and I need xp installed already to use that.
BUT xp wont recognize my SATA and from what I have read, I need to get it to be IDE compatible because XP will install in IED mode. My Bios does not have a section that allows me to switch into IDE Compatible mode, and so I can only get into SATA, RAID, AHCI.

Is there any way to get past this? I am thinking that my bios may not have been updated for a while, and so doesnt have the IDE mode thing, but I dont know if I am wrong. What could be the problem? and for a bios update without an OS, do I just download the .rom update file from my motherboard manufacturer and then save it to a floppy/cd and then run it in the Asus EZ flash whatever?
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  1. OK, i'll try this. 1st, how old is the mother board? I ask this because you might need to move the jumper on the back to reduce the speed of the hard drive for really old boards. Which version of xp do you have? There is a section when you install xp that says to add 3rd party drivers hit f6. Usually you'd load from a floppy drive (what is this device!!) but if you have access to another computer, you should be able to "slip stream" in the device drivers.

    But all that is useless cause i see you have a win 7 upgrade. Put the win 7 upgrade disc in, and than do a cutsom install. Follow the steps from there. For future reference, the Sata option would work as IDE. However, since it'a a new hard drive, set your bios to either Raid or AHCI so you can get use of the HDD's capabilities.

    As for upgrading your bios, yep.. download it to a usb thumb/flash drive and your manual will tell you the steps. Hope this helps.
  2. My motherboard is probably about three years old. I have XP home, and it does allow me to add 3rd party drivers, but I dont know how to do that. how do i slip stream the device drivers, and where do i get the drivers?

    also, I do have the upgrade disk, but it only allows you to do an upgrade if you have windows xp already installed, because it is an upgrade (or vista, but i dont have that). When I put the win7 disc on its own in, nothing happens.
  3. Since i see you can get into your bios. Check to make sure your bios is seeing the hard drive. After that, go to the boot tab and look up boot device prioty ( or something along those lines ) and make sure the 1st device is your cd/dvd/blu ray drive. Once that is done, pop your upgrade disc into the drive. Than make sure you save and exit in the bios, usually f10. Computer should restart and you will get a message like press a key to boot from cd......... Than follow the promts. As for upgrade, i've built 3 computer for friends in the last year (365) days using the win 7 upgrade disc.

    You get the loading windows 7 message, and than a bunch of choise. One of the choices was blanked out but one wasn't, i think it was the upgrade. Click that and than choose clean install. It should work after that.
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