Is a 400w PSU enough to run a XFX Radeon HD 4650 on Dell 8300?

Just recently installed a new 400w power supply unit onto my old Dell 8300 and I am awaiting an AGP XFX Radeon HD 4650 graphics card and I'm concerned that my new PSU won't support the graphics card, anyone have any opinions on the matter?

Merry Christmas!
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  1. Should be no problem
    I have a 1gb Sapphire 4650 fan cooled low profile in a Dell Optiplex with
    a Dell 280 watt psu.
    Runs fine.
    I have even mildly overclocked it and ran PCMark and 3dMark03 with no
    The HD 4000 series is famous for low power usage.
    I have a Pentium D 3.4ghz and I run BioShock 2 at highest settings at 1920x1080 res with no lag.
    As long as your psu is a reasonable name brand you should be fine.
    Also as long as your not running 2 hds,2 optical drives and multiple slot cards you should be fine also.
  2. HD 4650 uses almost nothing. I have one running on an old machine with a 300W power supply and have experienced no problems whatsoever. I've heard of people running the 4650 on a 275W or even 250W PSU as well, though the latter case may be pushing it a bit, depending on the rest of the system.
  3. this is a handy link to a good power supply calculator
  4. It will be fine with power to spare.
  5. I got my self a a Sapphire 4650 agp with a 300w. 3hd´s and a DVD. 2 External fans. 4650 does very well.
    PSU: 300 gtf (or something)
    Abit IS7-e
    P4 478 intel at 3.2
    1.5gb RD-RAM (333)

    I can run Red alert 3 with best possible settings.
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare:medium settings
    Crysis: Medium settings

    Movies -> No problems.

    This computer had a 9800 (the mighty R300).
    4650 made this old *** computer alive again.
    Do not fear to buy your self a good AGP GPU.
    BTW You don' t need to buy a
    massive power supply for this card...

    So my friend! If you have a old *** laying there. get a 4650 and bring that piece of junk back to life...
  6. I was worried. Some of these "experts" did say that you need a 400w at least for this card. But, i had to try...
    300w for this psu. is obviously enough.
    400w Is obviously better.

    Some of us say
    -You have to have at least 500-800w...(MW)
    -x2 or x4 or x99 CPU`s just to read your mail...
    -SLI or CROSSFIRE x99 just to check your favorite "tubes"

    Then there is a man who just like to check on his good old
    computer. To see if there is something alive.
    No need for any fancy stuff.
    The 4650 is right there...
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