32gb showing as 24gb

I bought my motherboard a few days ago along with a Intel Core i7-3960X 3.30GHz processor and G.Skill RipJawsZ 32GB (8x4GB) DDR3 PC3-14900C9 1866MHz Dual/Quad Channel Kit...

Everything works fine, except it only shows 24GB of memory, in windows and in the BIOS, I have updated the BIOS to the latest version available but it hasnt helped... Do I just have a dodgy motherboard? or is this a know issue... The motherboard specs say they can take 64gb so I have no idea why its not picking up my 32gb... Please let me know if its just my mobo so I can send it back for a replacement. Thanks a million! :-)

I do have both the EZ plugs connected, although at the top of the motherboard there are 2 plugs 1 for 4 pin 1 for 8 pin, I only have 2 4 pins plugged in, my PSU didnt have a 8pin cable, but I read that a 4 pin is fine to use... (Number 5 on 2.2.1 in the manual)

i have swapped the sticks around and took them all out and put them in 1 at a time in various orders and it seems that D1 & D2 are the ones which arent working...

It is strange because it shows up in the Asus SPD Information... But when you go to "main" it only shows 24576 and same in windows... Is it a faulty mobo?









I have follwed what GSkill say https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=17VKzOB5CL5EtIelw5tGsj2CqjBk3O0OU5VPe6CUoFso

but still only shows 24GB, am I being a complete idiot here?! someone please help...
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  1. It is most probably because you are not running the XMP profile. You say you have enabled it, but, check your RAM timings, it is showing 1600 and not 1866.....
    I believe you may have missed a setting somewhere, check again and please confirm.
    All you memory sticks are being recognized correctly, none of them are faulty, all the slots on the mobo are recognizing the RAM too, so, the slots are not defective either.
    Follow the guide which you have posted here "Enabling XMP" and check them whole setup again.
    This what I see from the pics you've posted.
  2. yeah those pics were taken before i found the gskill guide they are now at 1866 but still only 24gb, i dont know what timing settings i should use though....
  3. Grrr no worries been speaking to the guys at ROG and it seems to be a defective mobo... now i have to send it back and wait weeks for a new one :-(

    Thanks for your help :-)
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