I would like to know the best motherboard/processor for working on Adobe softwares, Autocad softwares and 3d max software. Please let me know asap
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  1. We'll does depend on your budget but the fastest is Intel Sandy Bridge at the moment. Just chose a the quickest you can afford.

    Here is an indication of ratings:,2951.html

    Something like this would be a nice higher end combo:


    Then just select a GPU card that Adobe & AutoCAD support GPU acceleration on. Add at least 8Gb of RAM. An SSD > 128Mb for booting & loading main programs. And a big hard disk for data 1 or 2Tb should get you started.
  2. if you want to know the fastest its the i7 990x, 6 core 3.4ghz.
    sandy bridge aint the fastest dude. its the fastest dethroned processor.LOL
    no way sandy bridge is near that monster. but to vingalileo i dont recommend that 990x because it will cause you really big bucks. 1000usd is too much for a processor, its insane spending that much. sandy bridge is fast enough for your needs, i also use adobe and 3d max and auctocad, any intel i7 will be fast enough for that softwares, to be specific i7 2600/2600k will be the best choice.
  3. Hey guys.. Thanks for all your replies.. My budget is somewhere around 35k.. I know its a little less.. But I want to go for the best I can get within that range..
  4. Just go for the i7 - 2600k !
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