Will the HD5830 work on my rig?

I'm about to start Upgrading my slightly outdated Rig on a somewhat limited budget.
At the Moment my Specs are

HD3850 256Mb
Athlon x2 5600+ 2.8ghz
500Gb 7200rpm
Windows XP home Edition
Arctic Power 500W
Gigabyte AM2 Mobo/PSI-e 16x

Im thinking of Getting the HD5830, using that with my existing system and then getting new Mobo/CPU/RAM/OS next month when i have a bit more money to spend.

What I need to know is:

Will it run on My 500W PSU, or do I need more?

Will It be stable on my 5600+ CPU?

How big is the HD5830, I Don't know if it will even fit in my case?

Thanks :)
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  1. I would not recomend the 5830, you can get a hd5850 for 169.00 at newegg, but another good choice would be an hd6850/6870, anything but the 5830
  2. Simple and short answer, yes.
  3. tore1992 said:
    Simple and short answer, yes.

    This is true but the better answer is that there is no reason to buy an HD5830 considering the other options available. New at least. If you are getting it for a great deal used then it may be a good choice.
  4. i agree with jyjjy, ive got a 5850, those little bastards overclock extremely well, use very little power and i can max out every game on the market most of the time with AA at 1080P
  5. I got then HD5830 in the end, Because Ebuyer had it reduced to £118, where as the hd5770(which was my other choice) was £100.

    I just hope my CPU won't be too much of a bottle neck.
  6. Ebuyer has GTX 460s for less than £118 and it is a better card. Or better yet this one is £111 and has great cooling;
  7. if you overclock your cpu, you will see better performance, but it shouldnt bottlekneck too badly
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