Samsung RF511 vs Dell Inspiron Q15R

Hi guys,
Im looking to buy a new mid to high end laptop and have narrowed my search down to the two mentioned above(Samsung RF511 and Dell Inspiron Q15R), just wanted to get some advice on which one would be better for some casual gaming; would the better processor of the Q15R be more advantageous with the slightly lower graphics card or would i be better to go with the slightly lower processor and slightly better grapgics card of the Samsung RF511 (see specs below)
P.S this computer will not just be used for gaming, i am simply making sure that if i did want to game that it would be enough
P.P.S i am not a harcore gamer and I am satisfied with medium settings on res on a game.

Dell Inspiron Q15R:
Intel Core i7 2630QM
Nvidia GeForce 525M

Samsung NP-RF511-SO1UK:
Intel Core i5-2410M
NVidia GT 540M

I have no preference in PC in aesthetics or other components as both meet my needs.
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  1. A link to the two models would be helpful.
    You said “or other components as both meet my needs” That may be true today, but NOT true later. Remember you’re spending Big bucks (opps - pounds) on this and you want it to last. Reason for other comments.

    A side-by-side comparison of CPUs

    Since you’re in the UK, you may not have thought to look at Newegg, not to order, but to see user comments. They did not have the Dell Q15R, but here is the link to Samsung RF711-S01 and S02.
    The S02 is the I7 version of the RF711 series.

    Gaming - Not a gamer, but you've answered that.
    For none Gaming performance: Overall the I7 is generally always the better choice - 4 cores vs to2 cores. But the real question here is just how much faster in real life, and that depends on individual uses. Do you run a lot of programs (outside of games) that benefit from multi core? High Multitassking (Total Ram may come into play here?? The I7 would be more future proof. Again though, this is highly dependent on usage.

    Some general comments:
    ..(1) The screen. I’ve looked at the Samsung RFx11 and the LCD looks very good compared to several others. Resolution is not 1080, it’s 900 (not sure the resolution on the Dell. If possible, go to a store where you can see side-by-side. Have not seen the Q15R. But the Samsung is better than the Toshiba G73.
    ..(2) The i7 will consume more power than the i5 (look @ TDP in reference link). This affects battery life and how hot it will run.
    ..(3) I know the RF711 allows for two HDDs, Don’t Know about the Dell. This could be more important than the CPU. Reason the Biggest single bottleneck of laptops is the HDD. At some point you will want to add an SSD. But, while SSDs are 20->40 times faster than a HDD, they are also much smaller. For storage space two options (A) External, ie to a HDD of the USB3 port or (B) and internal HDD – This requires the 2nd HDD bay.
    ..(4) Do you intend on using it to watch DVDs/Blu-ray. If Blu-ray then?? Do your models have a Blu-ray ROM/DVD-RW drive? The RF711-S01 does (@ Newegg). Dell - Unk

    Added: I've been looking also for a new laptop - It will be the Samsung! I drove 165 Miles (265 Km) just to look at the RFx11 series - Didn't buy because (A) higher priced than Newegg and (B) neither model had Blu-ray player. They had the RF511 and a RF711. Convinced me. But then I'm not a lover of Dell consumer Laptops - Their Business models are very good
  2. okay so would you say that, not considering what laptop, that a better processor (i7-2630QM) combined with not such a good graphics card (Nvidia GT 525M) would be better than a not so good processor (i5-2410M) combined with a better graphics card (Nvidia 540M)?

    as an added note the Dell has 4gb RAM and the Samsung has 6 also, i will not be watching blu rays on it as i have a ps3 to do that :)
  3. There are reviews on YouTube for both.
  4. hi rob
    i live in manchester , england. i am also looking for a laptop.
    the samsung np-rf11 is does not have a dedicated graphics card. the info on samsung and some websites is an error!
    samsung & currys have some good deals till the 6th of june.
    the samsung nprf511 costs £600 but only £500 when you can claim back the vat from samsung has a i5-2450 cpu, 8gb ddr3,1 Terabyte hdd but uses the intel onboard graphics card. also you can claim back £10 for every goal that england score in the euros. at present it is sold at all over manchester so move quick if you want it.

    the samsung np300e5a costs £500 has a i5-2450 cpu, 6gb ddr3,500 Gb hdd and an Nvidia geforce 1Gb graphics card.

    cant see anything else as good for£500 but still looking.
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