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Hi, I have an XFX Radeon HD 5870 overclocked to 900 mhz core clock and a 1300mhz memory clock. I am thinking of making my computer better, just because. lol, which upgrade path would give me the most benefit?

1) Buy a 2nd 5870
2) Buy 2 6870s
3) Buy a 6970

Other suggestions in the same price range (300-425$) are gratefully welcomed

EDIT: I have a 750W Power supply, would I need a better psu???
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  1. 1) Seems like the best idea because 5870s are so cheap (~$250) nowdays, and you wouldn't have to sell your current one
    2) Less powerful and only a little cheaper. You would lose money selling that 5870 though, so it wouldn't be worth the switch
    3) Can't even beat a 5970, which is less powerful than two 5870s. It is significantly cheaper, though, if you could get $200 or so for your 5870. Would also conserve power and give off less heat.

    Overall, I would say #1 is the best overall, but if you are short on money you could try selling the 5870 and get a 6970.
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