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GPU Problem or?

Hey guys,

I'm pretty much stumped with the problem I'm having so I figured I'd bring it to you guys and see if you know what's going on with it. I keep trying to play the game "Darksiders" but it seems like either after about a minute of in game playing or immediately the game crashes my system. The monitors both "go black", I can still hear sound sometimes, or the sound just begins to loop, and only a hard restart will get the computer running again. I think its a Graphics Card issue, but I have no idea how to either fix it, or if it is something that can't be fixed. Anyway, my specs are:

CPU: i5-750, OCed to 3.63
GPU: XFX Radeon 4870
PSU: Corsair 650
Motherboard: Gigabyte P55-UD3R
RAM: 4GB, Duel Channel, GSkill

I'm running the game off Steam, if that makes a difference as well.
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    Drop your cpu and gpu to stock speeds and try the game again. If it runs well then your oc's are unstable.
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  3. Didn't think that would work, but after I put my RAM onto basically UC timings I never had a problem again. Nice to know my RAM can't handle their advertised 1600, 7-7-7-24.
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