Which Case Should i get?

This is probably the ''stuff'' that i am going to put in the case.

Corsair H50
i7-960 3.2Ghz
GTX 560Ti Twin Frozr II
Mushkin Enhanced Silverline 12GB 1333hz
CoolerMaster Silent Pro Gold 800w
Sony Optiarc Black 24X DVD+R
1TB Hardrive

I am going to get a second 560Ti

Will i benefit from getting a full tower case?
I want a case that i will not have to change in a long time(200$ Max budget on case)

so could someone please recommend a good Full or Mid tower case...
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  2. Your question is hard to answer only because you do not tell us what color you prefer, whether you would like to have a window in the side with lights, or a clean box with little flare. Are you going to move this machine around much - maybe take it to LAN parties? Only you know the answers.

    So, in the absence of all that background information I will just give you my opinion at the moment. The 560 TI video cards are short, so just about any case would hold your parts. You do not need to spend the money on a larger box. This is the perfect case for you: COOLER MASTER HAF 922 for $110

    I will tell you why this case is so good:

    1) Lots of airflow - Cooler Master has made their reputation on this fact.
    2) There are plenty of fans in this case, as long as you like red.
    3) There is a hole in the wall behind the motherboard so you can change your heatsink without disassembling the whole machine. This may come in especially handy since that H50 will not adequately cool the 130 watt monster cpu you are putting in.
    4) There are still more holes and other accomodations for wire management to make for a clean build that facilitates airflow even more. For that professional touch, get an 8 pin extension for the secondary power to the mobo: APEVIA 9 1/2" Cable for $7.

    So, 800 reviews that average 5 eggs on Newegg. Solidly built, feature rich and plenty of room. This is a box that will last multiple builds, and be a joy to work with every time.
  3. If you want to spend closer to $100, I'd choose the Rosewill Blackhawk: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811147107 over the Coolermaster.
    1. Looks nicer, especially inside. Better cable management.
    2. USB 3.0 which the CM doesn't have.
    3. eSATA, plus a SATA hard drive dock on the top of it.
    I buy mostly Rosewill cases. Their fans are quiet, but move enough air. I've never had a quality issue with one.
    I USED to buy Coolermaster cases. I got tired of untapped screw holes, misalignment, and general (but minor) quality issues.
    If you want to spend more, look at Lian Li or Antec. The Antec P183 is supposed to be a very quiet case, and very solid. Lian Li is more elegant, with a little more attention to detail.

    Edit: BTW, you should read the forum stickies. Bumping your own thread is generally not allowed.
  4. Please do not bump threads. If someone knows the answer, they'll get to it.
  5. jtt283 is wrong about the price difference between the Rosewill and the Cooler Master. They are exactly the same. He was tricked by Newegg, because they sneak in shipping.

    The Rosewill does look nicer inside because it is all black, but I disagree on the cable management. The grommets on the Rosewill are not necessary, and there is no slot in the upper rear of the case for the 8 pin supplemental power to route behind the motherboard.

    My experience on the quality of Cooler Master cases is different too. I have not noticed untapped screw holes and misaligned parts. The feedback comments on Newegg do not indicate that this problem occurs often, however there are several comments about minor problems with the Rosewill. Not enough to reduce the ratings to less than 5 eggs.

    The Rosewill has an extra fan on the side, which will probalby not interfere with your heatsink unless you change to a tower air chiller. The USB 3.0 on the top may come in useful in future builds. The SATA docking bay appears to be a potentially useful feature. The Rosewill also has a window on the side, and you may prefer blue.

    Neither case has a 3.5 inch to 2.5 inch adapter for an SSD, but both have a motherboard speaker.

    All in all, the two cases match closely, and I would build with either one. It comes down to which one looks better IMHO. As for spending more, Lian Li cases are top notch, and beloved by their owners. Look into one if you want to come in closer to that $200 budget.
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