(Graphics Cards) Which of the two is better??

Hello,I wanted to ask that which of these two cards is better performing...Asus ENGTS450 DirectCU/DI/1GD5 or GeForce® 250 GTS 1024MB DDR3 keeping bus speeds of both these cards in mind as gts 250 is 256bit while gts450 is 128 bits???
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  1. Both of them perform roughly the same, with the GTS450 edging out an overall better lead. The HD5770 for around the same price performs better than either of them, however if you're an enthusiast (not casual) overclocker the GTS450 is better.
  2. The GTS 450 is approximately 10-15% faster than the GTS 250 at reference speeds.
  3. Thanks....So what u are suggesting is that I should go for gts450?....Bit issue is not much of a concern or is it?
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    The GTS 450 uses DDR5 ram while the GTS 250 uses DDR3. This mostly makes up for the smaller bus width but more importantly the GTS 450 has a more powerful GPU that can also be overclocked to much higher levels.
    It's a good card for low/medium resolutions. If you are using a high resolution monitor(1080p or above) I would recommend spending a bit more for a GTX 460. If you are in the US this one is $140 after the promo code and $120 after the mail-in rebate;
  5. Thanks :)!!!
  6. one last thing between gts450 and hd5770 which one would you recommend and why?
  7. The HD5770 is faster than the GTS 450. The models with an extreme factory overclock can match it but that's it.
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