GTX580 giving extremly low FPS on 3DMark11

Hey guys,

Well, just built my new PC:

i7 950
EVGA BlackOps Edition GTX580
ASUS Sabertooth X580

(that's all the main components)

I ran the 1920x1080 tests of 3DMark, and I'm getting very very low FPS on all the tests. The highest I'm getting is about 17-18... Even on the medium level tests I'm getting only 30FPS max.

This is a fresh install of Win7 x64 Ult. Fully updated, latest drivers of all my hardware, etc....

Does anyone know what the problem is? or is 3DMark11 really that crazy?

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  1. Your fine, 3dmark11 is like that. It gets harder and harder to get higher scores as newer versions of the software come out. If you ran the 06 version you'd get much higher fps. Play some games though and check out in game performance, i think thats a better indication.
  2. Its normal, since 3d Mark11 was designed keeping future hardware in mind
  3. Alright, so, Would a 6283 be a good score for my system?.. Lol
  4. Yes, thats a good score.

    A max o/c 5850 / 5870 @1000 mhz is around 5000
    A o/c gtx 460 on the best cpu might get 4400

    6283 is above the rest of the pack. At least for a single stock gtx 580.
  5. Alright, thanks guys. That makes me feel better. I was really sad thinking that I'm getting such low FPSs. Haha.

    But in game tests have proven otherwise.. Of course I had to join the bandwagon and Crysis is giving me a constant 50FPS.. I'm testing BC2 right now.
  6. Hi! I have an issue like yours...

    My build:

    i7 2600k @ 4.5 GHz

    P8Z68 DELUXE

    16 GB Corsair Vengance 1600MHz

    GeForce GTX 590 @ 4-way-SLI

    Windows 7

    I got around 15000 points earlier but for some reason the test now runs at 14-18 FPS where it was around 60-100 before.
    Something is definetly wrong..and i dont know what :'(

    Any ideas?
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