HP p6210y motherboard chipset problem


My problem is that this chip which seems to be the firmwire chipset - according to some techy friends - is shot, literally.

Here's how it happened. I tried to upgrade my graphics and put in a new gpu and therefore a new psu to power it. My new gpu was a gts 8800, while my old psu was about 300 watts and my new one was 450 watts.
I'm not sure what happened, but it seemed to work for a bit. Then when i plugged in my usb wireless adapter, smoke and shots of electricity spit out of this chip!!

After turning off the pc and replacing the psu with my old one - it worked and turned ON. But the only problem that seems to occur is when i plug in a usb drive into my front two ports. Literally, smoke comes out of the ports when you plug something in and the chipset starts to sparkle too.

Here are the specs:

Basically, my question - what does this chip even do? Will other problems occur from this? What exactly HAPPENED when i upgraded? Because I still want to install this gpu.

I'm short on money, so if there are any solutions - please keep it low budget. Thank you :)
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  1. Is it really that important that you plug in that usb in the front end? You're risking an oem board that's more expensive new or used. Get an extension and use the back ports for starters if the board still runs. What brand is your power supply? Does your 8800gt need a connector from the ps?
  2. Nope, not at all :p
    In fact, I already did what you said. But im just concerned about what happened in the gpu upgrading process and whether the blown chip will affect anything else.

    The brand of my current psu is the standard one that came with my hp, but the one i upgraded to was a GX Series Coolmaster - bought it from newegg. and yes, the 8800 gts needs a connection to the psu.
  3. Sorry I can't help you more. Could be a burnt wire (one of the case connections) or short that started with the ps change.
  4. Its alright, thank you anyways for your help.

    I just want to know if i continue using it, nothing will blow up in there.
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