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To start up, i am extremly talented with computers, and have tryed everything i can think of.

Ok so today for xmas i got a 5670 graphics card, its a great card and works fine, but one small issue when ever i launch catalyst control center my entire computer crashes, i can play games everything, but launch the control center and everything dies, i uninstalled everything related to ati more then 5 times, and ccc more then 10, redownloaded on 2 diffrent internet connections and 5 diffrent computers, it was working fine at first but then the entire computer freezed up and bluescreened, the only way i could get it to startup was to disable ccc using msconfig in safe mode, anybody have any ideas how to get it working? i really want some of the features of the control center, its working great atm,but if i were to start up the control center the computer would freeze up and crash
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  1. ati's drivers are really sick,they don't have any good driver support.well,try new drivers that are out now,even because of drivers 8800gt is still really awesome in performance,just because of drivers hd 5670 is really ....!
  2. What does the even viewer say? What were those BSOD about? Try some other Catalyst.
  3. Ok just for future refrence, i managed to fix it, ok so i uninstalled ccc, went into appdata and removed all traces of ati, im guessing w/e happened it has to do with settings, but its fully fixed now
  4. For future reference you may want to use driver sweeper when reinstalling graphics drivers.
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