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So here is the deal, I am currently using a 1280x1024 monitor and running games decently. I want to change to a wide screen format, but i don't want much differences i performance, none if possible. I have a radeon 4670 but considering upgrading to 5670. Is the wide screen monitors that will offer me little to no performance differences even worth buying, will the image be crappy?
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  1. On a 1440 x 900 resolution monitor you should have a similar performance.
    You would have to judge the image quality yourself but there are some good brand names in there.
  2. Basically performance will decrease as you increase your resolution. Also the higher the resolution the larger the screen. If you are going to bother to upgrade I would recommend getting a full HD(1080p) monitor and an appropriate video card for it. How much exactly can you spend?
  3. Since a 1440 x 900 monitor has slightly less pixels than a 1280 x 1024 monitor (about 1.1% less), you should get similar performance.

    You just need to get used to the new perspective.
  4. Im willing to spend about 250$ on a new monitor, but my GPU can only at best be a 5670 due to my PSU. so i want a nice wide screen monitor with ought losing valuable performance. What about 1366x768? most small WS monitors seem to fit this size, will i lose performance there for the more objects on screen due to the different aspect ratio?
  5. That is even a smaller pixel count and you will have a little more performance (hardly noticeable) compared to your 1280 x 1024 basically just a change in aspect ratio.
  6. Just one more question, will the jump from a 4670 to a 5670 be worth the cost, giving that i will be playing games at a small resolution?
  7. HD4670 handles that resolution well but HD5670 about 25-30% better
    Is it worth it? You will have to answer that question.
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