Is the amd hd 6850 compatable with my motherboard?

I recently purchased a new pc for gaming and the video card on it is horrible. At the moment, I have a amd radeon hd 6450 but i want to upgrade to at least a 6850. My motherboard at the moment is a foxconn 2abf and i want to know if the GPU is compatable with it.
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  1. You have an hp motherboard; please list your hp model number to locate the spec page. Your board isn't listed on foxconn's website.
  2. I'm sorry, im not very good at this kind of stuff =P what is the hp model number? The model of the pc?
  3. The hp model number should be somewhere on your hp case unless you've changed cases. It may also be somewhere in cpuz on one of their readouts.
  4. Its a pavilion p6 series. Model number: p6-2053UK
  5. So the motherboard is fine, i would just have to update the PSU?
  6. Yes; assuming the video card will fit. I would do some measuring for the length from the ports on the motherboard to the edge of your hardrive or any other device in the front that might touch the card.
  7. Thank you very much, you have been very helpful. Most appriciated.
  8. 1 more thing: I live in the UK, could you suggest a PSU from Would a cheap one like surfice?
  9. Use this ps instead of the low end one you selected: I use an ocz ps and ssd and they both work well.
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