Processor running hot after using easytune 6, HAAALLLPPP!!!

So i downloaded easytune 6 and i ran a stress test and during the stress test after about 5 to 10 min, it gave me a BSOD. Since then, my processor started running at about 52 to 55C idle temps instead of the usual 42-44C temps. I took out the stock 120mm fan on the side and added two more 120mm fans, one pushing and one pulling air. I also have a front fan and a rear exhaust fan as well. Temps still staying at 52C idle. anyone tell me what happened and how i can fix it?
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  1. easytunes?
    Well try to uninstall it and see if that would help.

    And how is the idle temps?
  2. Yep! dump Easytune it's crap!
    I have two Gigabyte boards and tried it on one(for fun) and it pretty much bsoded immediately.
    Needless to say i never tried it again, and you'll get much better results tweaking your rig manually in the bios.
  3. As to your immediate problem, go into bios and select, "Load Optimized Defaults". This will get rid of Bios changes made by easytune. Will then need to go into bios and set defaults that you changed back to what you had. You could go in and change what Easytune changed manually.

    Davcon - will agree that Easytune6 can be pragmatic and have seen several post regarding this problem. I used it on my I5-750 up to an OC of 3.8. It worked; the only thing was that it set my Vcore to high. I just did the 3.8 to verify it would worked, then backed off to 3.2 where I've been running for the past year.
  4. my idle temp on the processor is about 52C now instead of the original 44 ish i was getting before i turned on easytune 6. and i have uninstalled it literally right after it gave me the bsod, i have also loaded the optimized defaults and the failsafe defaults, and neither has lowered the temp back down to what it was before i used easytune 6. Odd thing is, is that my graphics card and my HD run about 5 to 6 degrees cooler at all times now (not sure how that happened). But yeah, i'm curious to know if the stress test thing i ran in easytune burnt a capacitor or something? or damaged my mobo somehow? i think my vcore setting is 1.31v in speedfan. i think that's also what it says in the bios, but i'm not sure how to adjust it in the bios manually. when i change settings in the bios to do stuff manually, none of them allow me to change the core voltage at all to lower it.
  5. What CPU?? You can google normal vcore for your CPU, as depending on what CPU ypou have, 1.3 V may me high and if so may need to lower it.
  6. thanks i'll try to look that up
  7. ok so i looked up stock voltages and it's supposed to be around 1.35v for the phenom II BE 3.4 quad core. I hit the core manually to 1.35v instead of the 1.31v it was at an it raised temperatures to about 58C idle. I dropped it down to 1.275v and it's still running idle at 51C like it was after easytune. Apparently easytune made my cpu run hot at all times now. I don't know what else to do other than put the cpu voltage back on auto and just let it run "hot" and maybe get an aftermarket cooler for it.
  8. Have you tried to reset your bios to use "fail safe default" or "Optimized" yet.

    If neither of these do not work, I would try a reseat of the HSF.
  9. i've actually done all of those, i did optimized and fail safe, and neither did anything. Also i pulled my HSF off and reseated it but it did nothing as well. I'm pretty much stumped as to why my cpu is running as hot as it is now at idle.
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