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Motherboard battery question

I have heard that if you leave the computer unplugged for long periods of time, the battery in the motherboard will run out and the operating system will be gone. But I looked it up, and I have read that the battery is their to keep the clock on and at the correct time and date.

I have an old computer that I hardly every use (or even plug in), but I still don't want it ruined. It uses Windows XP, BTW.

What is the battery for and will I lose Windows XP (or Windows 7 on any other computers) if the battery dies?
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    the battery is for bios and the os is on the hdd
  2. So the Operating System is safe. So what happens to the computer if the Battery dies?
  3. computer wont start unless you put a new battery in and ajust hte date and time in bios
  4. So even if the battery dies, if I replace it and adjust time, the computer will be fine?
  5. shoul dstart back as long you do not delete the os from the hdd
  6. Thank you so much, you were a great help! :)
  7. your welcome
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