Salvaging Old PC for HTPC

So I have an old hp m7680n media center with a few upgraded parts and I was thinking I can use it as an HTPC. Basically I want to digitize around 300 dvds now and soon blurays and place them on 2TB HDDs. I was just wondering if it will be capable of meeting these needs (especially the future HD content).

CPU: Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13 GHz
RAM: 4GB (800MHz)
HDD: WD Caviar Black 2TB

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  1. well the hardware looks ok it will probably work
  2. i think software is gonna be the obstacle
  3. what do you mean? i was planning on running win7 with something like xbmc.
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    well im no expert but i have had issues with ripping dvds due to encryption. but the hardware looks capable; i remeber reading about the 2600 and at the time they were no good at decoding the 8600 gt beat em out; but it will work well enough for a slavaged pc.
  5. oh well I wont be ripping dvds on this pc. This is just to view. I'm ripping all my dvds to isos (using DVDfab) on another very powerful PC (i7-950 xD), filling the HDD up with them and then simply plugging that HDD into this case.
  6. sounds like you got it
  7. I would upgrade the graphics to an ATI HD 5450. This will support HDMI, HD video and importantly it will bitstream HD audio to a compatible receiver. Since it works off the PCI-e slot's power it will also mean you don't need to upgrade your PSU.
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